NSK have achieved ISO9001 / 14001 certifications

At our head office and factory, components for all products manufactured, are certified to the international standard 'ISO 9001', a stricter guarantee of quality for medical apparatus in Europe 'EN 46001' and an international standard 'ISO 13485'. These were acquired from the certificate authority TUV CERT in Germany in April, 1997. To achieve these standards NSK were tested in all areas from design, through development and manufacture, to sales and after-sales service. In particular, we were tested for the reliability and safety of our products for use as medical apparatus. We have achieved further accreditation in Europe with the MDD (93/42/EEC) which was enforced in 1998.

NSK Nakanishi is as an eco-friendly company. We acquired certification of the environmental management standard 'ISO 14001' and the international standard of a guarantee of quality 'ISO 9001' from the strictest certificate authority, TUV CERT in Germany. In January 1999 we achieved further certification for environmental management standards - 'ISO 14001'. This was achieved by designing an environmental management system and by declaring our environmental plan which encompasses our vision for the future. In the 21st century environmental issues will become paramount. At NSK Nakanishi, we have modified our process to save energy and keep waste to a minimum by including consideration for the environment from the design stage, right through manufacture and on into sales and delivery.
This continual testing and recognition of achieving standards means you can rely on NSK NAKANISHI as a medical apparatus manufacturer of the highest quality.