New Ultrasonic Grinder “Sonic Cutter ZERO” is now on sale.
Nov. 2021
Our website has been refreshed.
Nov. 2020
New Ultrasonic Polisher “Sheenus ZERO” is now on sale.
Aug. 2020
New Antistatic spindle “NR33-6000ATC-ESD” is now on sale.
Jul. 2020

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Application Examples

  • Application Examples NAKANISHI motor spindles are widely used in the various industries.
  • iSpeed3 Motor Spindle Milling application for hexalobe feature by mounted on automatic lathe
  • E3000 Motor Spindle Deburring application by mounted on 6-axis robot
    (Video courtesy of FUJIMOTO)
  • HES Motor Spindle Transform your conventional machine into a high-speed machining center.