NAKANISHI, Manufacturer of Small Motor Spindles

  • NAKANISHI, with its headquarters and factory in Kanuma, Tochigi, Japan is running 3 business fields in dental, industrial, and medical products by applying our high speed rotation technology.
    This website is for industrial business handling ultra high-speed rotation devices for general industries. We provide small motor spindles as main products. It is indispensable to precise machining fields as machine element parts of production facilities.

    We manufacture high-quality products with 85% of in-house production rate and made in Japan quality.

What is a Motor Spindle?

Motor Spindle is a combined phrase of motor and spindle.
A motor is a device which transforms electric or air energy into mechanical energy for rotational power.
A spindle is a shaft for rotation. The power from connected motors can rotate spindles. We manufacture both motors and spindles. Since the motor and the spindle are used under connection, we use the phrase Motor Spindle.

The motor spindles manufactured by NAKANISHI are purposed for machining with attached tools.
Our motor spindles are used for drillng, milling by endmills, grinding by grindstones, and deburring by carbide cutters and/or brushes.
The motor spindles are not for hand work but mounted on machines, such as lathes, special purpose machines and robots.

Features of NAKANISHI Motor Spindles

NAKANISHI motor spindles are specialized high-speed rotation, high precision, and compact.

High-speed rotation

High-speed machining reduces machining time.
High-feed milling with small-diameter tools is possible while maintaining modest peripheral speed.
e.g. Groove milling (width 0.5 mm, depth 6 mm) at 150,000 min -1
reduces 90% of the processing time compared with the conventional motor spindle.
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Image courtesy of ROKU-ROKU SANGYO, LTD.

High precision

Spindle runout is within 1 μm.
e.g. φ50 μm ultra-small microlens array machining by ultra-precise machining devices

Image courtesy of NAGASE INTEGREX Co.,Ltd.

  • Slim and light weight

    It can be installed in narrow spaces.
    It allows smaller facility designs.
    It can be handle with small payloads robots.
  • Why NAKANISHI was Selected?

    In-house development of spindles, motors, and controllers
    →Wide experience enables us to develop completely in-house spindles, motors and controllers that conform to the needs of the market.

    Global network
    →Various sales achievements and after-sales service throughout the world

    The wide variety of product lines specialized in small size
    →You can select most optimal motor spindles according to application.
    e.g. Spindle diameter φ19.05 slim type, spindle diameter φ40 high torque type, angle head type, automatic tool change type, etc.

    Application Examples

    NAKANISHI motor spindles are used for parts machining in various fields.
    Here are some application examples.

    • Bone screw Drilling and milling with small diameter tools by CNC lathes
    • PCB Machining by special purpose machines
    • Automotive parts Automated deburring by 6-axis robots
    • Dental crown Milling by CADCAM milling machine
    • Mold Finishing at high speed by machining center
    • Cover glass of smartphones Peripheral grinding by grinding machine
    • Watch parts Milling by CNC lathes