• Improved visibility

    [Controller] An informative digital LED display on the controller clearly shows the operation function.
    Output, amplitude, watt, and error code are displayed. [Handpiece] Blue LED on the handpiece flashes during operation to indicate power on.

    Light weight

    [Controller] 29% weight reduction compared with the previous model. Convenient to carry around.
    (Previous model: 2.1 kg→ Sheenus ZERO: 1.5 kg) [Handpiece] 140 g light weight, ergonomically designed resin body

  • Sheenus ZERO applies optimized frequency to the tools.

    The transmission efficiency has been improved by 16% compared to the previous product (Sheenus neo).

    Improved energy consumption

    13% reduction compared to the previous product.
    (Previous model: 31 W → Sheenus ZERO: 27 W)

    Heat protection function

    Sheenus ZERO automatically suppresses the output to prevent over-heating, to allow continuous use.
    (When temperature increases rapidly, the product will automatically stop.)


  • Click here for Operation Guide

  • Product name Sheenus ZERO Controller
    Oscillation frequency 19 kHz - 29 kHz
    Frequency control Auto-tracking system
    Outputs 45 W (max.) UNCLAMP mode
    20 W (max.) CLAMP mode
    Output adjustment 21 steps variable
    Rated input AC 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 42 VA
    Weight 1.5 kg
    Dimensions W 161 mm x D 256 mm x H 84 mm

    *Not compatible with the previous model SHEENUS neo.

  • Product name Sheenus ZERO handpiece
    Cord length 3 m
    Weight 140 g (excluding cord)

    *Not compatible with the previous model SHEENUS neo.
    *Please use NAKANISHI genuine tools. Use of the others tools may result in premature failure.


  • Lineup for various materials
    and purposes

    It can be used for grinding,
    polishing and finishing of cemented carbide,
    aluminum, super-alloy dies, plastic,
    press, die-casting, ceramic, precise electronic parts,
    and precise machine parts.

2 mode selection depending on the tools

CLAMP mode and UNCLAMP mode can be selected.

  • [CLAMP mode] For processing with a tool attached to the special tip holder.
    Ceramic fiber and brass tip are used to finishing on minimal margins and minute parts.
  • [UNCLAMP mode] The mode to use when conducting processing work using an integrated tool and holder.
    Strong vibration can be obtained, suitable for speed grinding.


Exclusive tools for CLAMP mode

Special tip holders

Click here for exclusive tip holders catalog

Ceramic fiber grindstone tips (length 50 mm)

Alumina fiber thin grindstone with strength and flexibility developed for finish grinding.

Click here for ceremic fiber grind stone tips catalog

Exclusive tools for UNCLAMP mode

Electroplated diamond files

Click here for electroplated diamond files catalog

Application Video of Sheenus ZERO

  • Preparation before use

    • A simple method of confirming vibration using a test horn
    • How to replace the tool (CLAMP / UNCLAMP)
  • Various application of Sheenus ZERO

    • Grinding, polishing and mirror finishing on a wide range of materials, so as dies made from aluminum, cemented carbide, etc.
    • ● Deburring, grinding and polishing of precision parts, electronic parts, and ceramics, etc.