Tayama Tetsubin Kobo (Tayama Iron Kettle Workshop) in Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture.

The Future of Nanbu Tekki imagined by Tayama Tetsubin Kobo

Mr. Tayama used to be more passionate in searching out what he wants to create. But his view has slowly evolved since he started working with his son Takahiro. Takahiro has a modern vision with the potential to diversify the business.
Mr. Tayama now wishes to flexibly combine this modern sense with his traditional knowledge. Moreover, he recently has committed to making a more local contribution by holding Nanbu Tekki Experience classes and supporting the development of successors.
Through this, Mr. Tayama has the hope that he can help widen the culture of Nanbu Tekki again. For the sake of the art of Nanbu Tekki, Mr. Tayama will devote even more effort with his son Takahiro in the future. The diligent days of Mr. Tayama will continue with a renewed conviction.

Mr. Tayama uses his favourite Emax EVOlution regularly.

For various operations like drawing patterns, de-burring, and grinding, Mr. Tayama uses two Emax EVOlutions. Since our establishment in 1930, the know-how we have gained through the development of dental air turbines and micro motors has been utilized in the craft object, jewel, and mold making industries for highly precise grinding and polishing machines which require accurate and careful work results. Our high-efficient micro grinder is suitable for multiple applications and is especially highly regarded. Details of the Emax EVOlution can be found below.

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Tayama Tetsubin Kobo Representative Mr.Kazuyasu Tayama and Mr. Takahiro Tayama

Postcode:020-0757 445-5 Ohgamakazabayashi, Takizawa-city, Iwate Prefecture
TEL: +81-19-686-2145
WEB: http://www.nanbutayama.com
MAIL: mail@nanbutayama.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/nanbutayama

Buisiness description
Production and sales of Ironware
Brief history
Kazuyasu Tayama/Born in Nishine-cho, Iwate-Pref. in 1950. Studied under the Thirteenth Suzuki Shigeyosi Morihisa who is hereditary iron pot craftsman hired by Nanbu feudal domain since 1966. Established "Tayama Testubin Kobo" after his retirement from Suzuki Morihisa Kobo in 2011. Nanbu Tekki Traditional Craftsman Association chairman. Recieving many prizes suzh as NHK Chairman Prize in National Traditional Industrial Art Object Exhibition.
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