Namahage Menchoshi (Namahage Mask Engraver) Mr. Senshu Ishikawa in Akita Prefecture

Mr. Senshu Ishikawa uses his favourite Nakanishi grinder.

The surface characteristic of a Namahage mask created by Mr. Ishikawa is the three-dimensional effect that makes use of the wood features. The eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and horns are all represented realistically. Mr. Ishikawa uses Nakanishi's precision grinder when shaving uneven grooves to make each part stand out. Depending on the depth of the groove, he works his hand while changing the number of rotations. This used to be time-consuming when done by hand, but now it takes less time with the Nakanishi’s grinder. The finish is more beautiful than before so it’s also easier to paint the face afterwards.

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Namahage Mask Engraver

Mr. Senshu Ishikawa

Post Code: 010-0675  2-10 Nyudozaki-Konbuura, Oga City, Akita Prefecture
TEL: +81-185-38-2416

Business Description
Namahage Mask Creation
Brief History
Senshu Ishikawa / Born in 1955.
His father (predecessor) went independent as a Namahage mask engraver. His work has been adopted for tourism promotion and is now publicly well-known. Mr. Senshu Ishikawa is a second generation Namahage Menchoshi. Inheriting the mask making of ‘Beauty and Fear’ from his father, Senshu aims higher everyday to improve the designs in his own way, while keeping them compatible with the traditions of his predecessor. Received the 2013 Regional Traditional Entertainment Grand Prize Support Award (Chiiki Dentou Geinou Taishou Shienshou)
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