1930 Keiichi Nakanishi establishes Nakanishi Seisakusho in Kanda Toshima-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, to manufacture and sell dental rotary equipment;
contraangle handpieces.
1945 The company moves to Kanuma-shi, Tochigi.  
1951 The company is reestablished in Kamihinata, Kanuma-shi.
1953 Manufacture of Doriot handpieces for dental use begins. As the business expands,
the company is incorporated and its name is changed to Nakanishi Shika Kikai (NSK) Seisakusho, Ltd.
1957 Independent sales of NSK-brand decomposable KN-Contra begin.
1971 Manufacture of dental air turbine begins.
1975 Following the launch of mass-production for air turbines, super high-precision production facilities are reinforced. To respond to a dramatic increase in the variety and quantity of products sold, a Tokyo office is established in Ueno to improve customer services.  
1979 Overseas exports of NSK brand products begin by an original route, with an overseas sales department established within the company.  
1981 The company is reorganized into acorporation, and is renamed Nakanishi Dental Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd.  
1982 Manufacture and sales of industrial ultra high-speed rotary equipment begin.
1984 NSK America Corporation is established in Chicago as a base for the U.S. sales and service network.
1988 Second plant (current B-wing) opens in Shimohinata, Kanuma-shi (location of the current headquarters) to reinforce production facilities in response to an increase in the variety and quantity of products.
1990 A new building (current A-wing) is added to the Shimohinata plant.  
1993 Clean Head System wins the Applied Technology highest award for its significant contribution to preventing infection in the field of dental treatment in Europe.
1995 Another new building (current C-wing) is added to the Shimohinata Plant to enhance design, development, and production technologies.
1996 Nakanishi Dental Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd and Nakanishi Inc. are consolidated to become Nakanishi Inc. to integrate design and manufacture aiming for improving efficiency.  
1997 Obtains certification of ISO9001, International Standard for Quality Assurance.
1999 Obtains certification of ISO14001, International Standard for Environmental Management System to promote environmentally sensitive corporate activities.

Best selling model of ULTIMATE 500 motoris released.
2000 The company's stock is registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association. To strengthen sales in the Middle East, arepresentative office is established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  
2001 A new main building of the headquarters is completed in Shimohinata.
Ultrasonic scaler system, Varios, and Solid titanium handpiece Ti-Max are released.
2003 NSK Europe GmbH is established in Frankfurt, Germany, to reinforce sales and service structure in Europe. Osaka branch is established to provide sales and services in Kansai area (western Japan).
2005 NSK France SAS is established in Paris, France, for further improve sales and service systems in Europe. NSK Shanghai Co, Ltd is established in Shanghai, China, as a site to promote sales and services in Asia.

Another new plant (CNC factory) is added to the headquarters.
2007 NSK United Kingdom Ltd is established in London, and NSK Oceania Pty Ltd is in Australia. A representative office opens in Russia.

ABS-1200 receives the Nippon Brand award at the 4th Monozukuri Parts Awards.
2008 Base in Europe, the European central warehouse in Frankfurt,
Germany (ECSC) function together NSK Euro Holdings has established.
NSK Dental Spain SA established in Spain.
Cutting-edge laboratory engine "Ultimate XL" was released.
2009 NSK Asia was established in Singapore as the base for
its South Asian sales and service network.
2011 Tokyo office moved into a new building. A showroom
and seminar rooms were newly set up to enhance customer service.
2013 NSK America Latina Ltda. (Brazil) is established  
2017 Construction of new headquarters R&D Center building "RD1" in Shimohinata is completed
2018 Construction of new factory "A1" in Utsunomiya-Nishi Industrial Park is completed