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High Precision Motor Spindles

After many years of perfecting high precision,Nakanishi lnc.has built a vast wealth of knowledge in the fields of micro machining and precision processing.
This experience has allowed us to achieve Dynamic Runout Accuracy's within 1μm as achieved with the Xpeed1200.
High speed rotation,minimal run-out and excellent balance characteristics are fully realized by using Nakanishi high precision spindles.As a result,excellent surface finishes,prolonged tool life and spindle longevity can be expected.

The 4th Monozukuri lnnovative Manufacturing Parts and Components Award <Nippon Brand Award>

Nakanishi's Ultra High Speed Air Bearing Turbine Spindle Xpeed1200*1 received the Nippon Brand Award at the 4th Monozukuri lnnovative Manufacturing Parts and Components Awards*2 sponsored by NIKKAN industrial newspaper in 2006.
Nakanishi will continue to research and develop ultra-fine finishing spindle technologies to meet market needs around the world.
*1. Previous Model ABS-1200
*2. Nippon Brand Award means the award to recognize the new product which has the specially excellent technology and international superiority.

Nakanishi spindles have been making great contributions to the following products industries.

Nakanishi spindles are used for making popular products around you.
For example, processing engines for automobiles and motorcycles, plastic molds for mobile phones and sporting goods and die making for coins.

Processing engine
and automobile parts
Processing engine
and motorcycle parts
Creating molds for mobile phones
and parts
Cutting PCB's
and parts for computers
Milling golf club faces
and club mold making
Making coin dies for cverseas mints